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Polyakova Elena Pavlovna, Postgraduate student, Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after M. Akmulla (3a Oktyabrskoy revolutsii street, Ufa, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. This article is devoted to the establishment and development of pharmacy in Ufa province in the late XIX – early XX centuries. This topic found little coverage in historical studies on the history of the province’s medicine, due to the scarcity and fragmentation of information contained in historical sources. The author tried to analyze the development of the pharmacy service in the Ufa province on the basis of archival materials, medical journals, reviews, commemorative books, to reveal its features and problems.
Materials and methods. Documents and materials from the collections of the National Archives of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the archives of the city of Zlatoust, the XIII volume (Medical Regulations) of the Code of Laws of the Russian Empire from 1857, memorable books, reviews and reports of the Ufa province of the XIX–XX centuries were studied on this topic. The methodological basis of the work is a systematic historical method that allows us to consider the process of the formation and development of pharmacy business in accordance with the time step; the statistical method makes it possible to clearly visualize the dynamics of the development of state, zemstvo and private pharmacies.
Results. The article examines the legal status of pharmacies establishment, creating a pharmacy service, the rights and duties of pharmacists. The work also analyzes the activity of state, zemstvo and private pharmacies in the development of the pharmacy service of Ufa province of the XIX–XX centuries.
Conclusions. The formed system of establishment and development of pharmacies in Ufa province in the late XIX – early XX centuries, despite all legal restrictions, features, developed progressively in accordance with the requirement of time. 

Key words

apothecary statute, district pharmacy, private pharmacy, state pharmacy, apothecary fee, medicines, pharmacist 


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